Earth will be habitable longer than we thought

Using a 3D computer model, scientists from the University of Colorado looked at a variety of factors that would affect Earth’s habitability, including its future atmosphere, oceans, and land (previous models only considered temperature). Over time, the sun will radiate more heat into space, meaning that the Earth will eventually become too hot for liquid water.
The scientists simulated this with their model, taking all three of these factors into place, and calculated a new number. They determined that we won’t have to leave the planet for another 1 to 2 billion years.
This doesn’t change the fact that we will have to leave the planet someday, nor does this number consider the increase in global warming that is also turning up the temperature on Earth. However, scientists believe that the sun’s increased radiation is a more important factor here, so that’s what they focused on.
They estimate that the sun’s heat will increase about 1 percent every 110 million years. This also takes into account that the Earth is not sitting on the very edge of its habitable zone.