Could we travel to other parts of our galaxy via a giant wormhole?

There could be a space-time tunnel in our galaxy, as dramatized by the film Interstellar, that would allow travel to a distant location in the galaxy, and the tunnel could even be the size of our entire galaxy. That’s what astrophysicist Paolo Salucci suggests, based on the map of dark matter in the Milky Way and the most recent Big Bang model.
“What we tried to do in our study was to solve the very equation that the astrophysicist Murph [in the movie] was working on. Clearly we did it long before the film came out,” jokes Salucci. “It is, in fact, an extremely interesting problem for dark matter studies.”
The authors note in the paper that “our result is very important because it confirms the possible existence of wormholes in most of the spiral galaxies. Scientists remain silent on whether it is possible to manufacture or create of the exotic matter violating null energy condition in laboratory. As a result the construction of a wormhole geometry in our real world is extremely difficult.
“However. in the galactic halo region, dark matter* may supply the fuel for constructing and sustaining a wormhole. Hence, wormholes could be found in nature and our study may encourage scientists to seek observational evidence for wormholes in the galactic halo region.”