China/Taiwan commercial hub planned for Pingtan

Transforming Pingtan will be no small feat. The island, that is currently home to established sea farming and transportation industries, is China’s fifth-largest island and almost twice the size of Hong Kong. The development includes a 4.99 km (3.1 mile) Pingtan cross-Straits bridge, ending the need for ferries, with a second cross-Straits bridge on the drawing board. An expressway connecting Pingtan and Fuzhou (shortening the journey to 1.5 hours) is also in the works, as are five new ports, including a 200,000-ton (181,437-tonne)-capacity port and two 300,000-ton (272,155-tonne) ports.
The Ten Design team has come up with a futuristic model for the island, including contemporary skyscrapers, theaters, convention and exhibition centers and an array of commercial and cultural facilities. Towards the center of the district will lie a newly-created freshwater lake, designed to conserve gray water collected from the local urban landscape.