Carbon neutrality has failed

Now it looks like society only has two real options left: Roll out a lot of nuclear power stations right now, or start burying (sequestering) gigatons of carbon dioxide underground with carbon capture technology. The nuclear option is looking unlikely, but sequestering carbon might just work, if some recent studies are to be believed.
A new report from the Risky Business Project has laid out the long-term consequences of continued climate change for various geographical areas of the United States. Rather than focusing on incredibly dense scientific language, the RBP is led by the business community and emphasizes research conducted by economic firms. The goal was to create a report that would discuss the disruptive impact of climate change on businesses and the US economy.
The result is an approachable report that discusses likely impacts to the US by splitting the country into multiple regions and estimating the chances of various outcomes. The following graph, for example, shows how the increasing likelihood of extreme weather events impacts observed conditions, even if no single storm, heat wave, or abnormally cold winter can be directly linked to global warming.