Atheer mobile 3D interface is augmented reality on steroids

What would happen if you combined the wearability of Google Glass with the gesture-based control of Microsoft Kinect? The answer is a pretty cool wearable interface you can control using your voice or gestures.
Mountain View startup Atheer wants to make it easier, and more natural, to interact with the digital world. A prototype of its interactive 3-D interface shows it is well on its way, Wired reports.
“The goal is to give people what we believe is a much better experience in connecting with the digital world,” CEO Soulaiman Itani told Wired. Atheer aims to do that in three ways: By not using a tiny display, by using natural gesture-based interfaces, and by employing 3-D.
It should be noted that Atheer’s technology, though worn like glasses in one prototype, is not a Google Glass doppelgänger. Glass is more akin to a heads up display that places information in the upper right corner of your field of vision. Atheer’s mobile 3-D platform projects a display in front of you, so it seems you’re looking at a large screen some distance away.