Arable launches a new generation of IoT tools for data-driven farming

Arable is moving agriculture tech forward today with a new generation of internet of things (IoT) tools that enable farmers to take advantage of advanced sensors, wireless networks, and machine learning recommendations to improve crop growth.

The company has come up with a new Mark 2 sensor, a new mobile app, a sensor-integrating bridge device, and Arable Open, a customizable applications programming interface that partners can use.

The solution comes as rising pressures around climate resiliency, mitigation, and adaptation are revealing the urgent need for thoughtful and efficient land use. Arable already has hundreds of partners and customers in the industry across 37 countries. In the past decade, about 23% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have derived from agriculture, forestry, and other land use, putting it just behind electricity and heat production (25%) and ahead of industry (18%).

“We’re at this critical stage in agriculture where we’re faced with the pressures of a changing climate,” said Arable CEO Jim Ethington. “And agriculture is one of the most impacted industries. And we hear it all the time from our customers. Farmers say they won’t be able to grow crops in a region in five years. Their yields are down in hot years. And so we’re seeing the pressures of climate change in agriculture. And yet at the same time, there are these new technologies that are becoming available around IoT around the ecosystem of machine learning technologies that can be brought to bear to provide new tools that give farmers the ability to leverage data and improve their operations. And that’s really what Arable is about.”