Against Your Better Judgment, Mercedes Is Integrating Google Glass

Wired reports that the German automaker is currently working with Google to integrate Glass into its cars’ navigation and infotainment systems. They’re calling it “Door-to-Door Navigation,” and they mean that literally. And it actually sounds quite safe.

The working prototype is simple enough. Dial up some directions through Google Glass while you’re walking out the door. Hop in your car, plug in your phone and the directions are beamed over to the Mercedes’ in-dash navigation system which will take you to your destination. Once you arrive, unplug your phone and the rest of the directions are beamed back to Google Glass to take you to the door at the end of your journey. Get it? Door-to-door navigation.

This order of operations should quell some anxiety about using Glass behind the wheel, which is probably going to be illegal in more than a few states. In effect, the Glass integration is just improving the car’s existing navigation system and doing so in a way that doesn’t require the driver to stare at the Glass display while driving.