5G and Robotics Market is to Reach Around $6.2 Billion by end of 2022

5G and robotics market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $6.2 billion by the end of 2022 owing to proliferation of connected devices. IoT developments and mobility of smartphones and smart devices and the dramatic increase of smart devices and cloud based software is expected to boost the growth.
It is anticipated that globally around 50 billion ‘smart’ devices, reaching from cars and parking meters to coffee machines and syndicate harvesters would be associated to the internet by 2020, which is accounted at 22.5 billion in 2015 globally. North America dominates the global market and held around 40% of revenue share in 2015.
Whereas, Asia Pacific is growing with huge pace owing to growing technological innovations in the smart robotics across the region because of growing demand for the connected devices such as smart phones and other smart connected smart devices in various countries such as India, China, Korea and many others.
China is one of the countries exhibiting solid growth owing to huge production of robots in China and growing technological innovations. In 2015, China held around 27% share in the total robots supplied globally.