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Tags results for 'space tourism'

NBCU, Virgin Galactic Team Up To Broadcast 3-Hour Space Journey

Posted in Science on 9th Nov, 2013 11:20 PM
by AlexMuller
NBCUniversal is about to test the upper limit of the atmosphere, or at least its ability to appeal to TV viewers.

Virgin to double the number who have been to space by 2016

Posted in Hardware on 23rd Dec, 2013 02:16 AM
by AlexMuller
Richard Branson also wants to get to 45 minute trips from USA to UK.

Branson insists he will be aboard first Virgin Galactic flight

Posted in Business on 23rd Feb, 2014 12:19 AM
by AlexMuller
Branson says SpaceShipTwo will enter service this year, with him and his children aboard, despite unproven technology.

Virgin Galactic gets FAA approval

Posted in Business on 7th Jun, 2014 02:45 AM
by AlexMuller
The agreement with the FAA lays out rules that Virgin Galactic will need to follow to work with the National Airspace System.

Virgin Galactic Has Delayed its First Flight

Posted in Science on 13th Sep, 2014 10:34 PM
by AlexMuller
Those eager to make it into space on a plane may have more of a wait than they'd like though, because the company has had to push back its maiden voyage.

Virgin Galactic Wants to Fly You From LA to Tokyo

Posted in Science on 24th Sep, 2014 08:18 PM
by AlexMuller
Except in this version, you'll travel through space and be able to fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in an hour.

Virgin Galactic Ready for Another Round of Space Testing

Posted in Hardware on 20th Oct, 2014 10:58 PM
by AlexMuller
Virgin Galactic has been plagued with problems that have seen its projected consumer launch date pushed further and further back.

Virgin Galactic spacecraft crash kills one

Posted in Science on 31st Oct, 2014 11:46 PM
by AlexMuller
Halloween is turning into a nightmare for the spaceflight industry.

Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson: 'The dream lives on'

Posted in Hardware on 1st Nov, 2014 08:49 PM
by AlexMuller
Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson said in a Saturday press conference that he was “determined to find out what went wrong”

Virgin Galactic crash: Descent system 'deployed early'

Posted in Hardware on 3rd Nov, 2014 09:24 PM
by AlexMuller
A safety device on the Virgin Galactic spacecraft that crashed on Friday killing a test pilot had been deployed early, US investigators say.

Despite Antares and Virgin Galactic setbacks, space entrepreneurship is about to be huge

Posted in Hardware on 12th Nov, 2014 12:05 AM
by AlexMuller
In conversations on and off stage, all sounded a common theme: We are on the cusp of an exciting new era in space entrepreneurship.

Virgin Galactic pilot recounts how he survived being ejected at 50,000 feet

Posted in Science on 13th Nov, 2014 09:09 PM
by AlexMuller
We finally have a clearer picture of what happened 9 miles up in the air that day.

Private spaceflight will survive tragedy because we choose to dream big

Posted in Business on 14th Nov, 2014 10:58 PM
by AlexMuller
In space travel, there have been 18 in-flight fatalities, as compared to the more than 3 million car related deaths since the automobile.

Branson reaffirms commitment to Virgin Galactic after crash

Posted in Hardware on 5th Jan, 2015 12:38 AM
by AlexMuller
Virgin Galactic must go on.

Virgin Galactic pilot recalls October's crash

Posted in Business on 4th Jun, 2015 09:37 PM
by AlexMuller
Richard Branson is under pressure to prove his dream can still come true.

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crash was due to co-pilot error

Posted in Science on 29th Jul, 2015 12:36 AM
by AlexMuller
After nearly 9 months of investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board has an official explanation for Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crash.

Virgin Galactic to show off its next spaceship in February

Posted in Hardware on 4th Nov, 2015 10:58 AM
by AlexMuller
"Virgin Galactic goes on, with an unwavering commitment to safety and a renewed sense of purpose."

Blue Origin hopes to send tourists into space in 2018

Posted in Science on 10th Mar, 2016 04:37 PM
by AlexMuller
Amazon CEO and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos said he hopes to begin launching crewed test flights in 2017.

Virgin Galactic on the way back to space with test flight

Posted in Hardware on 13th Sep, 2016 10:52 AM
by AlexMuller
With this flight in the books, the team will now analyze flight data, learning what worked well and what could be improved for subsequent flight tests.

Moon Express targets trips to the moon at $10,000 per person by 2026

Posted in Business on 5th Dec, 2016 03:35 PM
by AlexMuller
If all goes well in the space tourism economy, tourists will be able to book a flight to the moon within the next decade.

Blue Origin: We're taking tourists to space within 18 months

Posted in Science on 7th Oct, 2017 01:50 PM
by Alex Muller
A Blue Origin rocket could take tourists to space by April 2019.

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