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Tags results for 'gadget'

If Inaccuracy Were Illegal, The Feds Would Have To Regulate Most Health Gadgets

Posted in Medicine on 27th Nov, 2013 02:29 AM
by AlexMuller
Most consumer device companies begrudgingly acknowledge they aren't very accurate.

Why Robots Are Better Than Humans At Testing Human User Experiences

Posted in Hardware on 24th Dec, 2013 03:41 AM
by AlexMuller
Device testing robots type, draw and play games on the gadgets they’re testing.

MOCAheart keeps an eye on your cardiovascular health

Posted in Medicine on 23rd Dec, 2014 10:10 PM
by AlexMuller
Your heart rate, blood oxygen level and blood pressure are all key indicators of your cardiovascular state of health.

China to replace US as world's top consumer tech market in 2016

Posted in Hardware on 26th May, 2015 04:10 PM
by AlexMuller
China is expected to become the number one market for consumer tech, thanks to both strong local buying power and the rapid development of homegrown innovation.

WiFi that provides connectivity and charges your gadgets may be closer than you think

Posted in Hardware on 7th Jun, 2015 09:00 PM
by AlexMuller
A team at the University of Washington, has developed a 'power over WiFi' system that can recharge batteries through the air.

Samsung could commercialize lithium ion batteries with double the battery life by 2018

Posted in Hardware on 30th Jun, 2015 01:20 AM
by AlexMuller
Samsung expects to bring a significant change to both devices and the electric car industry.

One of the Most Important Tools in Science Now Fits Inside Your Phone

Posted in Hardware on 3rd Jul, 2015 12:53 AM
by AlexMuller
A spectrometer that fits in your mobile devices could let you scan yourself for skin cancer, among many other things.

Thync review: A drug-like, brain-zapping wearable?

Posted in Hardware on 3rd Aug, 2015 08:39 PM
by AlexMuller
Here's a gadget completely unlike anything we've used before. Meet Thync, a wearable that zaps your brain to change your mood.

Google's Project Aura Set to Raise Glass From the Dead

Posted in Business on 18th Sep, 2015 12:27 AM
by AlexMuller
Glass first went on sale in 2013 and was only available to developers. It was later killed off this year after it failed to attract enough interest.

Electricity from the air? Drayson's big idea

Posted in Hardware on 30th Sep, 2015 11:48 PM
by AlexMuller
'Freevolt' can be the power source for the internet of things, allowing low energy devices from wearables to sensors to operate without being plugged in.

E Ink shows its true colors with new display

Posted in Hardware on 26th May, 2016 01:01 PM
by AlexMuller
Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), promises to bring full color to cost and energy efficient ePaper.

Texting Produces an Entirely New Kind of Brain Wave Pattern

Posted in Science on 29th Jun, 2016 04:18 PM
by AlexMuller
The discovery shows that smartphones are literally altering the way our minds work.

Eyefluence wants us to control technology with our eyes

Posted in Hardware on 10th Jul, 2016 01:52 PM
by AlexMuller
What if you could control a computer screen with just your eyes? Well that’s the vision of Eyefluence, a Silicon Valley-based startup.

UK firm designs 'world's most affordable solar lamp'

Posted in Hardware on 22nd May, 2017 02:53 PM
by Alex Muller
A UK design consultancy has teamed up with a giant Chinese manufacturer to produce what they say is the world's most affordable solar lamp.

Accenture predicts the top tech stories of CES 2018

Posted in Business on 21st Dec, 2017 05:16 AM
by Alex Muller
Each year, tech consulting giant Accenture makes predictions about the kind of technology we’ll see at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Omron Healthcare shows off wearable blood pressure monitor for your wrist

Posted in Hardware on 9th Jan, 2018 04:19 AM
by Alex Muller
Omron Healthcare is showing off a blood pressure monitor worn as a wristwatch and that can deliver clinically validated accuracy.

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