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Tags results for 'aging'

Space’s Microgravity Accelerates Biological Aging of Some Cells

Posted in Science on 3rd Nov, 2013 04:16 AM
by AlexMuller
Scientists Say microgravity accelerates cardiovascular disease and the biological aging of endothelial cells, the cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels.

How nanotechnology can advance regenerative medicine

Posted in Science on 6th Nov, 2013 02:16 AM
by AlexMuller
Nanotechnology may provide new strategies for regenerative medicine, including better tools to improve or restore damaged tissues.

'A robot is my friend': Can machines care for elderly?

Posted in Business on 16th Nov, 2013 08:18 PM
by AlexMuller
With the world's elderly population growing rapidly, scientists are suggesting that robots could take on some of the burden of providing care.

Calico enlists a genetics A-Team for its mysterious anti-aging venture

Posted in Medicine on 22nd Nov, 2013 12:20 AM
by AlexMuller
In September, Google announced a mysterious new venture to combat death itself.

Aging cells share features with cancer

Posted in Medicine on 3rd Dec, 2013 03:04 AM
by AlexMuller
Chemical modifications of DNA look similar in aging and cancerous cells.

Dementia cases 'set to treble worldwide' by 2050

Posted in Medicine on 6th Dec, 2013 12:42 AM
by AlexMuller
The number of people living with dementia worldwide is set to treble by 2050, according to a new analysis.

This anti-aging brain trust is the most interesting startup in Silicon Valley

Posted in Medicine on 8th Dec, 2013 12:59 AM
by AlexMuller
Calico has continued to generate intense excitement among geneticists and biotech experts.

G8 'will develop dementia cure or treatment by 2025'

Posted in Medicine on 11th Dec, 2013 11:02 PM
by AlexMuller
Leading nations have committed to developing a cure or treatment for dementia by 2025 at the G8 dementia summit.

Genomic Studies Sift Centenarian DNA For Genes Protecting Against Age Related Diseases

Posted in Science on 30th Dec, 2013 02:17 AM
by AlexMuller
Though diet and exercise influence health and longevity, they’re only part of the story.

Single-chip device to provide real-time ultrasonic 3D images from inside the heart and blood vessels

Posted in Medicine on 24th Feb, 2014 11:38 PM
by AlexMuller
Real-time 3D imaging from inside the heart.

Genetics Startup Wants To Prolong Life, 'Make 100 Years Old The Next 60'

Posted in Medicine on 4th Mar, 2014 11:24 PM
by AlexMuller
Brought to you by entrepreneur J. Craig Venter

Healthspan and Lifespan Extension can Finally Make it's Long Overdue Peace With the Media

Posted in Reviews on 6th Mar, 2014 03:09 AM
by AlexMuller
The more I read about him the more I am convinced: Craig Venter is an absolute beast of a scientist and a genius public relations mediator.

Microbes and Metabolites Fuel an Ambitious Aging Project

Posted in Medicine on 15th Mar, 2014 01:45 AM
by AlexMuller
Craig Venter’s new company wants to improve human longevity by creating the world’s largest, most comprehensive database of genetic and physiological information.

UK centenarian numbers rise steeply in a decade

Posted in Science on 22nd Mar, 2014 12:47 AM
by AlexMuller
The number of people living in the UK aged 100 increased by 73% in the decade to 2012, said the Office for National Statistics.

Living organ regeneration 'first' by gene manipulation

Posted in Science on 9th Apr, 2014 04:18 AM
by AlexMuller
An elderly organ in a living animal has been regenerated into a youthful state for the first time, UK researchers say.

Google scoops up another high-profile scientist for anti-aging project

Posted in Business on 22nd Apr, 2014 05:21 AM
by AlexMuller
Google’s secretive Project Calico is aimed at defeating death itself, or at least staving it off far longer than ever before.

Blood of world's oldest person hints at limits of life

Posted in Medicine on 25th Apr, 2014 02:47 AM
by AlexMuller
Death is the one certainty in life; a pioneering analysis of blood from one of the world's oldest and healthiest women has given clues to why it happens.

7 hours of sleep is optimal amount, new research suggests

Posted in Medicine on 5th May, 2014 11:34 PM
by AlexMuller
7 seems to be the magic number when it comes to optimal sleep, according to research that looked at the connection between sleeping habits and age-related memory loss.

New blood 'recharges old brain', mouse study suggests

Posted in Medicine on 5th May, 2014 11:42 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers in the US say they might have discovered how to combat and even reverse some processes of ageing, at least in mice.

Anti-aging gene also enhances cognition

Posted in Medicine on 12th May, 2014 11:05 PM
by AlexMuller
A variant of the gene KLOTHO is known for its anti-aging effects in people fortunate enough to carry one copy. Now researchers find that it also benefits brain function.

Longer Lives Across the Globe

Posted in Medicine on 15th May, 2014 11:01 PM
by AlexMuller
While there is still a massive gap between low-income and high-income countries, the report shows that low-income countries have made the greatest progress.

Complex interactions may matter most for longevity, not single factors

Posted in Medicine on 17th May, 2014 11:39 PM
by AlexMuller
Complex interactions among diet, mitochondrial DNA, and nuclear DNA appear to influence lifespan at least as much as single factors alone.

Added drug allows rapamycin to slow aging without risking diabetes

Posted in Medicine on 23rd May, 2014 07:05 PM
by AlexMuller
New research suggests a fix for serious side effects of rapamycin, a drug that appears to mimic the ability of dietary restriction to slow the aging process.

Centenarians 'outliving diseases of old age'

Posted in Medicine on 7th Jun, 2014 02:26 AM
by AlexMuller
Centenarians have found a way to beat the common diseases of old age, such as cancer and heart disease, research suggests.

A gene that stimulates growth of new brain cells in adults

Posted in Medicine on 17th Jun, 2014 02:00 AM
by AlexMuller
Discovery could provide new strategy for treating neurodegenerative disease and memory loss.

The less older adults sleep, the faster their brains age, study suggests

Posted in Medicine on 2nd Jul, 2014 10:42 PM
by AlexMuller
These findings pave the way for future work on sleep loss and its contribution to cognitive decline, including Dementia.

One in three Alzheimer's cases preventable, says research

Posted in Medicine on 15th Jul, 2014 02:01 AM
by AlexMuller
The main risk factors for the disease are a lack of exercise, smoking, depression and poor education.

Arthritis drug shows potential to stall Alzheimer's

Posted in Science on 18th Jul, 2014 12:13 AM
by AlexMuller
Despite decades of work and hundreds of trials, Alzheimer's disease remains an end-of-life trauma for millions. Could that be about to change?

Newly identified genetic variants could delay Alzheimer's onset by four years

Posted in Medicine on 21st Jul, 2014 11:58 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers have made some inroads in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, but as yet no definitive cure has been found.

Human Longevity Inc will try to defeat all of the diseases of aging to make 100 the new 60

Posted in Business on 21st Jul, 2014 11:57 PM
by AlexMuller
The new company doesn’t aim to extend human life so much as to help keep people healthy as they get older.

Noninvasive retinal imaging device is able to detect Alzheimer’s 20 years in advance

Posted in Medicine on 23rd Jul, 2014 02:05 AM
by AlexMuller
Device could be FDA-approved by 2015 and early signs of Alzheimer's could be detected in a regular ophthalmologist exam.

New Era of rapid Brain Imaging allows understanding of interactions at the cellular level across the brain

Posted in Science on 24th Jul, 2014 12:39 AM
by AlexMuller
Detailed high resolution brain imaging has been made one hundred times faster.

How to prevent diseases of aging

Posted in Medicine on 26th Jul, 2014 04:52 AM
by AlexMuller
By 2050, the number of people over the age of 80 will triple globally, which could come at great cost to individuals and economies.

Low education makes the brain age faster

Posted in Science on 27th Jul, 2014 02:04 AM
by AlexMuller
Mental capacity and IQ deteriorate much faster for people with less education than others, study reveals. The findings provide new insight into the development of dementia.

Slow Walking Speed and Memory Complaints are Early Predictors of Dementia

Posted in Medicine on 29th Jul, 2014 02:42 AM
by AlexMuller
A simple test can predict the likelihood of developing dementia.

England records rise in dementia diagnoses

Posted in Medicine on 31st Jul, 2014 02:45 AM
by AlexMuller
The number of people in England diagnosed with dementia has risen by 62% over seven years.

Human Longevity Company hires Google Chief Data Scientist to help enable life extension

Posted in Business on 1st Aug, 2014 02:44 AM
by AlexMuller
Venter's team will sequence tens of thousands of genomes every year.

Against the biological clock:

Posted in Medicine on 3rd Aug, 2014 11:46 PM
by AlexMuller
A gameplan to end age related diseases.

New drug reverses effects of Alzheimer’s disease in mice

Posted in Science on 7th Aug, 2014 11:09 PM
by AlexMuller
The compound, TC-2153, inhibits the negative effects of a protein called STEP on learning and memory. These cognitive functions are impaired in Alzheimer’s.

Declining intelligence in old age linked to visual processing speed

Posted in Medicine on 8th Aug, 2014 09:15 PM
by AlexMuller
Age-related declines in intelligence are strongly related to declines on a very simple task of visual perception speed.

The Super-Imaging Satellite That Will Double Google Maps Resolution

Posted in Software on 15th Aug, 2014 01:40 AM
by AlexMuller
The quality of commercial space-based imagery is about to take a quantum leap forward.

Lab grown neurons give scientists a real-time glimpse into how the brain works

Posted in Science on 17th Aug, 2014 02:50 AM
by AlexMuller
Scientists are now growing brain tissue in petri dishes to study neurons up close and personal.

Older People Sleep Less. Now We Know Why.

Posted in Science on 21st Aug, 2014 12:31 AM
by AlexMuller
A new study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and University of Toronto researchers offers, for the first time, a neurological reason for the phenomenon.

'Nanojuice' could help diagnose gastrointestinal illnesses

Posted in Medicine on 22nd Aug, 2014 12:44 AM
by AlexMuller
Doctors would strike the nanoparticles, once they reach the small intestine, with a harmless laser light, providing an unparalleled, non-invasive, real-time view of the organ.

Alzheimer’s patients to be treated with the blood of under 30s

Posted in Medicine on 23rd Aug, 2014 12:17 AM
by AlexMuller
Alzheimer’s patients in the US will be given transfusions of young people's blood as part of a promising new treatment that’s nowhere near as crazy as it sounds.

Google's project to extend life, Calico, announces $1.5 billion research center

Posted in Business on 4th Sep, 2014 12:43 AM
by AlexMuller
Calico will work with big pharma to create and market new drugs for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's

Aubrey de Grey: Technological miniaturization could increase our lifespans

Posted in Hardware on 5th Sep, 2014 03:11 AM
by AlexMuller
The miniaturization of technologies will eventually result in them dominating medical treatments, enabling us to live longer.

NHS cancer services struggling, says charity

Posted in Medicine on 8th Sep, 2014 08:43 PM
by AlexMuller
NHS cancer services in England are at a "tipping point" in the wake of years of efficiency savings and the recent NHS reforms, warns Cancer Research UK.

Longevity gene in fruit flies hints at coming genetic discoveries to slow aging

Posted in Science on 12th Sep, 2014 11:02 PM
by AlexMuller
With the increasing incidence of age-related diseases, like Alzheimer’s and cancer, it’s not just about prolonging life, but prolonging health too.

Telomerase can be turned off with a genetic switch which could be an antiaging breakthrough

Posted in Medicine on 22nd Sep, 2014 11:37 PM
by AlexMuller
Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered an on-and-off “switch” in cells that may hold the key to healthy aging.

We Are Slowly Winning the War on Cancer

Posted in Medicine on 30th Sep, 2014 11:39 PM
by AlexMuller
Cancer mortality rate has been reduced from a peak of 215 deaths per 100,000 people in 1991 to 172 deaths per 100,000 people in 2010.

Massive electrode array system will do first large-scale network recording of brain activity

Posted in Medicine on 1st Oct, 2014 11:20 PM
by AlexMuller
An electrode array system that will enable researchers to better understand how the brain works.

New treatments show promise in prolonging human lifespan, but when can you get it?

Posted in Medicine on 2nd Oct, 2014 07:59 PM
by AlexMuller
Millions of people are taking anti-ageing drugs every day; they just don't know it.

Glucosamine promotes longevity by mimicking low-carb diet

Posted in Science on 8th Oct, 2014 12:46 AM
by AlexMuller
The widely used food supplement glucosamine promotes longevity in aging mice by approximately 10 percent due to improved glucose metabolism.

Billionaire Peter Thiel embarks on anti-aging crusade

Posted in Medicine on 9th Oct, 2014 08:28 PM
by AlexMuller
There are a 100,000 people who die every day on this planet, mostly from things related to aging.

Obama’s Brain Project Backs Neurotechnology

Posted in Science on 12th Oct, 2014 08:49 PM
by AlexMuller
The U.S. announces $46 million to develop new technologies for exploring the brain.

The signature of aging in the brain

Posted in Medicine on 12th Oct, 2014 09:15 PM
by AlexMuller
Cognitive decline may be related to one's "immunological age"

Alzheimer’s-in-a-dish is 'first clear evidence' for amyloid hypothesis

Posted in Medicine on 14th Oct, 2014 02:07 PM
by AlexMuller
Finding promises to revolutionize drug discovery for neurodegenerative disorders.

Dementia is leading cause of death for women

Posted in Medicine on 29th Oct, 2014 08:51 PM
by AlexMuller
The disease now kills more than three times as many women as breast cancer and thousands more than either heart attacks or stroke.

Shift work dulls your brain: report

Posted in Medicine on 5th Nov, 2014 11:57 PM
by AlexMuller
Working antisocial hours can prematurely age the brain and dull intellectual ability, scientists warn.

Whole-genome sequences of 17 of the world’s oldest living people published

Posted in Science on 13th Nov, 2014 09:30 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers unable to find genes significantly associated with extreme longevity.

Imagination, reality flow in opposite directions in the brain

Posted in Science on 21st Nov, 2014 11:03 PM
by AlexMuller
Aiming to discern discrete neural circuits, researchers have tracked electrical activity in the brains of people who alternately imagined scenes or watched videos.

Brain network vulnerable to Alzheimer's identified

Posted in Medicine on 26th Nov, 2014 12:01 AM
by AlexMuller
Research has emerged that reveals a specific brain network, that is the last to develop and the first to show signs of neurodegeneration, is more vulnerable to aging and disease.

Disruptive sounds help aging brain ignore distractions

Posted in Medicine on 29th Nov, 2014 10:50 PM
by AlexMuller
By learning to discriminate a sound amidst progressively more disruptive distractions, we can diminish our distractibility.

Mediterranean diet keeps people 'genetically young'

Posted in Science on 3rd Dec, 2014 10:42 PM
by AlexMuller
Following a Mediterranean diet might be a recipe for a long life because it appears to keep people genetically younger, say US researchers.

Global life expectancy has increased by 6 years since 1990

Posted in Medicine on 19th Dec, 2014 12:27 AM
by AlexMuller
Between 1990 and 2013, global life expectancy increased by nearly 5.8 years in men and 6.6 years in women.

Ibuprofen use leads to extended lifespan in several species, study shows

Posted in Science on 20th Dec, 2014 08:56 PM
by AlexMuller
Regular doses of ibuprofen extended the lifespan of multiple species.

An existing drug, riluzole, may prevent foggy old age brain

Posted in Science on 23rd Dec, 2014 10:16 PM
by AlexMuller
New experiments suggest an existing drug, known as riluzole and already on the market as a treatment for ALS, may help prevent changes in the aging brain.

Rapamycin used to boost immune response in humans

Posted in Medicine on 28th Dec, 2014 09:23 PM
by AlexMuller
A rapamycin-like drug could reverse the natural decline that elderly people experience in their ability to fight off infections.

Radical Life Extension is getting more mainstream and is getting more funding

Posted in Business on 13th Jan, 2015 01:11 AM
by AlexMuller
5 years ago the consensus was that aging research was unlikely to lead to anything practical. Now its becoming a hot field.

Bilingual people do neural exercise that may protect the aging brain

Posted in Medicine on 14th Jan, 2015 05:03 PM
by AlexMuller
A radical shift from decades ago when psychologists warned against raising children to speak two languages, lest they become confused and suffer delays in learning.

Young blood appears to boost the longevity of mice and gets stem cells to start dividing

Posted in Medicine on 22nd Jan, 2015 05:42 PM
by AlexMuller
Young blood seems to turn back the some of the effects of aging, potentially with few known safety concerns in humans.

Telomere extension turns back some aspects of aging in cultured human cells

Posted in Medicine on 24th Jan, 2015 08:02 PM
by AlexMuller
A procedure can efficiently increase the length of human telomeres, the protective caps on chromosomes that are linked to aging.

Deep brain imaging reveals which nearly identical neurons are associated with specific behaviors

Posted in Medicine on 3rd Feb, 2015 02:25 PM
by AlexMuller
More precise mapping of how individual neurons interact in the brain.

An Anti-Aging Pill?

Posted in Medicine on 4th Feb, 2015 04:48 PM
by AlexMuller
Elysium Health, says it will be turning chemicals that lengthen the lives of mice and worms into over-the-counter vitamin pills that people can take to combat aging.

SuperAger brains yield new clues to their remarkable memories

Posted in Medicine on 6th Feb, 2015 04:14 PM
by AlexMuller
SuperAgers, aged 80 and above, with memories as sharp as those of healthy persons decades younger, have different looking brains than those of normal older people.

Resveratrol, found in red grapes, may help prevent memory loss in the elderly

Posted in Medicine on 7th Feb, 2015 08:07 PM
by AlexMuller
Resveratrol, touted for its potential to prevent heart disease, may also help prevent age-related decline in memory, according to new research.

Meditation associated with slower loss of gray matter in the brain

Posted in Medicine on 8th Feb, 2015 10:14 PM
by AlexMuller
Results of a study suggest that meditation may help preserve the brain’s gray matter, the tissue that contains neurons.

Promising results for new Alzheimer's therapy

Posted in Science on 14th Feb, 2015 08:18 PM
by AlexMuller
The results suggest that the introduction of a nerve growth factor can prevent neuronal degradation in Alzheimer’s patients.

How Silicon Valley is trying to cure ageing

Posted in Science on 16th Feb, 2015 04:56 PM
by AlexMuller
Death has always been considered one of life's real certainties, but now some of the world's top scientists are challenging the assumption.

Sleeping over eight hours a day associated with greater risk of stroke

Posted in Medicine on 26th Feb, 2015 08:05 PM
by AlexMuller
This risk doubles for older people who persistently sleep longer than average.

Leukaemia mutations 'almost inevitable', researchers say

Posted in Medicine on 28th Feb, 2015 09:15 PM
by AlexMuller
It is "almost inevitable" that your blood will take the first steps towards leukemia as you age, researchers show.

Feast-and-famine diet could help extend life, study suggests

Posted in Medicine on 1st Mar, 2015 07:38 PM
by AlexMuller
Intermittent fasting caused a slight increase to SIRT 3, a well-known gene that promotes longevity and is involved in protective cell responses.

The human brain may age less than was previously thought

Posted in Medicine on 5th Mar, 2015 09:42 PM
by AlexMuller
This has important consequences for understanding how the brain changes with age and challenges current theories of ageing.

Unusually Short Lived Fish Could Hold the Secrets to Getting Old

Posted in Science on 6th Mar, 2015 06:03 PM
by AlexMuller
For scientists who study ageing, the turquoise killifish could be the key to their future experiments.

Senolytics: A new class of drugs with the potential to slow the aging process

Posted in Science on 10th Mar, 2015 09:42 PM
by AlexMuller
A new class of drugs found to slow the aging process in mice could have the same effects in humans.

Google Ventures and the Search for Extending human lifespan to 500 years and beyond

Posted in Business on 11th Mar, 2015 06:28 PM
by AlexMuller
Google Ventures is looking for companies that will slow aging, reverse disease, and extend life.

High-speed, high-res method allows imaging of a living brain

Posted in Software on 3rd Apr, 2015 12:44 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers studying cancer and other invasive diseases rely on high-resolution imaging to see tumors and other activity deep within the body’s tissues.

Gene study may explain why some remain quick thinkers

Posted in Science on 17th Apr, 2015 05:17 PM
by AlexMuller
Genetic differences could explain why some people are quicker thinkers in middle age and later life, a study of data from 30,000 people suggests.

Scientists discover a key driver of human aging:

Posted in Science on 1st May, 2015 05:36 PM
by AlexMuller
This discovery may lead to slowing or reversing the aging process.

Nanotech drug holds promise for treating Parkinson's

Posted in Science on 2nd May, 2015 11:48 PM
by AlexMuller
A rapidly aging population places a new imperative on the hunt for medicines to control, or even to cure, such neurodegenerative diseases.

Young Blood Can Mend Old Broken Bones

Posted in Medicine on 21st May, 2015 09:08 PM
by AlexMuller
It's old blood, not old bones, that makes fracture healing difficult among the elderly.

On the Horizon: A Magnetic Zap that Strengthens Memory

Posted in Science on 23rd May, 2015 07:26 PM
by AlexMuller
Magnetic stimulation may help stave off age-related cognitive decline.

Telomere extension turns back aging clock in cultured human cells

Posted in Medicine on 25th May, 2015 05:56 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers delivered a modified RNA that encodes a telomere extending protein to human cells. Cell proliferation was dramatically increased, yielding large numbers.

People With Dementia At Greater Heart Attack Risk

Posted in Science on 28th May, 2015 06:02 PM
by AlexMuller
People with cognitive impairment had around an 8x greater risk of heart failure readmission compared with those who were not suffering from neurodegenerative conditions.

Strokes steal 8 years worth of brain function, new study suggests

Posted in Medicine on 7th Jun, 2015 12:22 AM
by AlexMuller
Having a stroke ages a person’s brain function by almost eight years.

Mining millions of genomes and health records to crack radical life extension

Posted in Business on 18th Jun, 2015 07:05 PM
by AlexMuller
HLI (Human Longevity Inc) is building the world’s largest human genome sequencing center in the world.

DNA and Light Detect Cancer in the Brain, Head and Neck

Posted in Science on 26th Jun, 2015 01:48 AM
by AlexMuller
Researchers have employed an imaging technique that uses safe near-infrared light to differentiate between healthy brain tissue and that which has become cancerous.

Some updates in the quest for a cure for aging

Posted in Business on 30th Jun, 2015 01:02 AM
by AlexMuller
Google isn't the only company putting millions of dollars into ending the effects of aging.

Molecular clue to memory decline

Posted in Science on 7th Jul, 2015 01:25 AM
by AlexMuller
A molecule that accumulates in the blood with age may be linked to cognitive decline, said scientists Monday who mooted hopes of a memory-restoring treatment.

Rates of bioloical ageing vary widely, says study

Posted in Medicine on 7th Jul, 2015 11:45 PM
by AlexMuller
A study of people born within a year of each other has uncovered a huge gulf in the speed at which their bodies age.

PTN interviews Dr. Aubrey de Grey, researcher of anti-aging regenerative medicine

Posted in Interviews on 13th Jul, 2015 12:04 AM
by AlexMuller
Aubrey de Grey answers questions on his work at the SENS foundation and efforts to fight illness by bringing aging under medical control.

Women's brains more vulnerable to Alzheimer's than men's

Posted in Medicine on 25th Jul, 2015 11:36 PM
by AlexMuller
Women's brains might be more vulnerable to the Alzheimer's disease than men’s, causing them to decline in memory and function twice as fast, according to research.

Google-Backed Calico Partners With Ancestry to Beat the Specter of Aging

Posted in Business on 27th Jul, 2015 11:43 PM
by AlexMuller
Calico will look for genetic patterns in people who have lived exceptionally long lives, then make drugs to help more of us do that.

3D brain map reveals connections between cells in nano-scale

Posted in Science on 1st Aug, 2015 12:15 AM
by AlexMuller
Researchers hope uprecedented images will allow study of abnormal connections in neurological disorders and a better understanding of the brain.

Inflammation, not telomere length, predicts healthy longevity of centenarians

Posted in Medicine on 5th Aug, 2015 11:55 PM
by AlexMuller
To live past 100 you must keep inflammation down.

The MIND diet may slow brain aging by 7.5 years

Posted in Science on 7th Aug, 2015 11:16 PM
by AlexMuller
Eating a group of specific foods may slow cognitive decline among aging adults, even when not at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers.

How aging damages and cripples the immune system

Posted in Medicine on 9th Aug, 2015 10:25 PM
by AlexMuller
Aging cripples the production of new immune cells, decreasing the immune system’s response to vaccines and putting the elderly at risk of infection.

The IBM Watson AI system will learn to understand medical images

Posted in Software on 12th Aug, 2015 10:50 PM
by AlexMuller
Watson will have the ability to 'see' by bringing together Watson’s advanced image analytics and cognitive computing system with data and images from medical imaging.

Dementia levels 'are stabilising'

Posted in Medicine on 21st Aug, 2015 10:00 PM
by AlexMuller
The University of Cambridge study shows the proportion of elderly people with the condition in the UK has fallen, contrary to predictions that cases would soar.

Life expectancy climbs worldwide but people spend more years living with illness and disability

Posted in Medicine on 5th Sep, 2015 12:47 AM
by AlexMuller
Global life expectancy has risen by more than six years since 1990

A blood test can show the body's biological age and predict disease

Posted in Medicine on 8th Sep, 2015 12:06 AM
by AlexMuller
A blood test can tell researchers what a person’s 'biological age' is and may help to change the way we think about ageing, researchers have said.

Can resveratrol really stave off Alzheimer’s disease?

Posted in Science on 12th Sep, 2015 11:19 PM
by AlexMuller
Extremely calorie-restricted diets greatly reduce age-related diseases in animals. The hope is that resveratrol activates sirtuins to get the same benefits.

Low vitamin D associated with faster decline in cognitive function

Posted in Medicine on 19th Sep, 2015 04:32 PM
by AlexMuller
A research team has found that Vitamin D insufficiency was associated with faster decline in cognitive functions among a group of ethnically diverse older adults.

How to grow old brain cells for studying age-related diseases

Posted in Medicine on 10th Oct, 2015 05:45 PM
by AlexMuller
The new technique, which yields cells resembling those found in older people’s brains, will be a boon to scientists studying age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

CEO of Bioviva claims to be testing antiaging gene therapy on herself

Posted in Medicine on 16th Oct, 2015 06:30 AM
by AlexMuller
An American biotech CEO claims she is the first to undergo gene therapy to reverse aging. Judge for yourself.

Noninvasive imaging method can look twice as deep inside the living brain

Posted in Science on 21st Oct, 2015 01:10 AM
by AlexMuller
This new optical coherence tomography (OCT) approach to brain study may allow for examining vascular changes in the deep brain.

Antiaging protein GDF11 could be source of rejuvenation from young blood

Posted in Medicine on 25th Oct, 2015 08:51 PM
by AlexMuller
A specific protein, GDF11, may explain young blood’s beneficial effects.

Experimental drug targeting Alzheimer's disease shows anti-aging effects

Posted in Medicine on 14th Nov, 2015 04:10 PM
by AlexMuller
"If proven safe and effective for Alzheimer's, the anti-aging effect of J147 would be a benefit". The team aims to begin human trials next year.

Beyond telomerase: another enzyme discovered critical to maintaining telomere length

Posted in Medicine on 17th Nov, 2015 01:19 AM
by AlexMuller
A new discovery is expected to speed up our understanding of short-telomere-related diseases and cancers.

Exercise may protect against neurodegenerative diseases

Posted in Science on 21st Nov, 2015 12:09 AM
by AlexMuller
Exercise may protect aging brains against the neurodegenerative diseases resulting from energy-depleting stress caused by neurotoxins.

First real-time imaging of neural activity invented

Posted in Science on 25th Nov, 2015 07:44 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers have developed a new technique for watching the brain’s neurons at a speed that is just fast enough to capture the action potentials in real time for the first time.

Ultrasound captures rat brain in microscopic 3D

Posted in Science on 27th Nov, 2015 02:25 AM
by AlexMuller
Scientists have developed an ultrasound technique that can rapidly build up a 3D view of a network of blood vessels, in microscopic detail.

MIT invention could boost resolution of 3D depth cameras 1,000 fold

Posted in Hardware on 15th Dec, 2015 12:03 AM
by AlexMuller
Imagine 3D depth cameras built into cellphones for 3D scanning and driverless cars with clear vision in rain, snow, or fog.

New mass spectral imaging maps cell composition in 3D at over 100x resolution

Posted in Medicine on 16th Dec, 2015 10:10 PM
by AlexMuller
This may allow for analysis of new medications, identify sources of pathogens, or investigate ways to overcome antibiotic resistance.

Whole-body imaging technology uses contactless tracking of blood flow

Posted in Medicine on 8th Jan, 2016 11:11 AM
by AlexMuller
The technique tracks blood flow without needing to make contact, providing a tool for treating everybody from burn victims to the elderly.

Cognitive-stimulation experiment suggests new tools for healthy brain aging

Posted in Science on 12th Jan, 2016 01:53 AM
by AlexMuller
Neuroscientists have developed cognitive-stimulation exercises and tested them in a month-long experiment with healthy aging adults.

Hormone boosts immune function and might extend lifespan

Posted in Science on 14th Jan, 2016 12:19 PM
by AlexMuller
As you age, the thymus becomes fattier, limiting its ability to generate pathogen-hunting T cells.

Clearing out damaged cells in mice extends lifespan by up to 35 percent

Posted in Medicine on 4th Feb, 2016 07:20 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers have improved the healthy lifespan of mice though the removal of senescent cells from their bodies.

Mitochondria can trigger cell aging, researchers discover

Posted in Medicine on 7th Feb, 2016 11:06 PM
by AlexMuller
Mitochondria are major triggers for aging, and eliminating them upon the induction of senescence prevents senescence in the aging mouse liver.

Clearing out the clutter: 'senolytic' drugs improve vascular health in mice

Posted in Medicine on 12th Feb, 2016 09:15 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers have demonstrated repeated treatments to remove senescent cells in mice improve age-related vascular conditions.

Human Longevity, Inc. Completes $220 Million Series B Financing

Posted in Business on 5th Apr, 2016 11:50 AM
by AlexMuller
Human Longevity is the genomics-based life extension company creating the world’s largest database of whole genome, phenotype and clinical data.

New cases of dementia in the UK fall by 20 percent over 2 decades

Posted in Medicine on 22nd Apr, 2016 02:55 AM
by AlexMuller
40,000 fewer cases than anticipated.

Why living around nature could make you live longer

Posted in Science on 23rd Apr, 2016 09:12 AM
by AlexMuller
The health benefits are likely thanks to factors such as improved mental health, social engagement and physical activity that come with living near green spaces.

BioViva Plans an Age Reversal Clinic in Fiji: An unusual project with many unanswered questions

Posted in Business on 23rd May, 2016 11:43 AM
by AlexMuller
Thwarted stateside by the FDA, US anti-aging pioneers are heading to the South Pacific.

Gene helps prevent heart attack, stroke; may also block some effects of aging

Posted in Science on 23rd May, 2016 12:04 PM
by AlexMuller
'Finding a way to reactivate this pathway may have profound implications for health and aging.'

Supplements may prevent and reverse damage to aging brain

Posted in Medicine on 6th Jun, 2016 07:20 PM
by AlexMuller
It's a mixture scientists believe could someday slow the progress of catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, ALS and Parkinson's.

Deep neural networks to help identify, formulate advanced antiaging supplements

Posted in Software on 9th Jun, 2016 11:29 AM
by AlexMuller
A collaboration to identify novel biomarkers of human aging through the use of big-data analytics and AI.

Human aging reversal trials in a year or two, George Church discusses rejuvenating the body

Posted in Medicine on 16th Jun, 2016 12:15 AM
by AlexMuller
Church: 'I think it can happen very quickly. I think we'll be seeing the first human trials in a year or two.'

How Your Workplace Environment Affect Brain Function

Posted in Science on 20th Jun, 2016 01:15 PM
by AlexMuller
Cognitive decline were observed in both men and women exposed to dirty working environments.

Up to half of UK people living in chronic pain

Posted in Science on 21st Jun, 2016 12:06 PM
by AlexMuller
With an ageing population, it is predicted the toll will rise in the future.

Human Clinical Trials of the Anti-Aging Compound NMN to Start in Japan

Posted in Science on 27th Jun, 2016 03:11 PM
by AlexMuller
Researchers to test in humans the safety and effectiveness of a compound that is on the verge of being proven to reverse some effects of aging.

We Can Now Tell a Person’s Age Range From Crime Scene Blood

Posted in Science on 30th Jun, 2016 05:40 PM
by AlexMuller
The team is working to narrow down the age range to within a span of two or three years.

Discovery of a powerful defense against free radicals that contribute to aging and diseases

Posted in Medicine on 1st Jul, 2016 03:04 PM
by AlexMuller
A new University of Michigan study outlines the discovery of a protein that acts as a powerful protectant against free radicals.

Michael Greve Commits $10 Million to the SENS project (life extension research)

Posted in Medicine on 13th Jul, 2016 06:35 PM
by AlexMuller
'I think we should have more people contribute to the step-by-step creation of cures for the root causes of all age-related diseases.'

The Lancet: Stroke is largely preventable, with hypertension confirmed as biggest risk factor

Posted in Medicine on 16th Jul, 2016 05:53 PM
by AlexMuller
Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability, particularly in low-income and middle-income countries.

Middle-age-plus memory decline may just be a matter of changing focus

Posted in Medicine on 18th Jul, 2016 08:59 AM
by AlexMuller
Memory issues may be changes in brain focus during memory formation and retrieval, rather than a decline in brain function.

Gene 'reboots' stem cells to slow or reverse the aging process

Posted in Science on 28th Jul, 2016 02:02 AM
by AlexMuller
Nanog, has been shown to replenish the ability of adult stem cells to regenerate, which could be used to slow or even reverse the aging process in humans.

Next five years could see successes or failures for first SENS antiaging treatment

Posted in Medicine on 4th Aug, 2016 03:00 PM
by AlexMuller
Success for companies based on SENS is a very important step for much larger funding of the SENS life extension approach.

Being overweight 'ages people's brains'

Posted in Science on 5th Aug, 2016 05:12 PM
by AlexMuller
The brains of overweight people look "10 years older" than those of leaner peers, a study has found.

Economist magazine looks at possibility of imminent life extension successes

Posted in Medicine on 12th Aug, 2016 04:53 PM
by AlexMuller
Diseases compete to kill people with age. Increasing longevity beyond 95 would require a new approach.

Super-resolution 3D microscopy images cells in unprecedented detail

Posted in Science on 17th Aug, 2016 03:42 PM
by AlexMuller
An advance that could reveal biological phenomena never before seen and bring new medical insights.

Mayo Clinic, collaborators working to advance aging research via clinical trials

Posted in Medicine on 19th Aug, 2016 08:10 PM
by AlexMuller
Aging is the largest risk factor for most chronic diseases, and elderly care accounts for about 1 trillion USD a year in the US.

PTN interviews João Pedro de Magalhães on his insights into cryonics and aging

Posted in Interviews on 24th Aug, 2016 04:39 PM
by AlexMuller
João Pedro de Magalhães is a Senior Lecturer in aging at the University of Liverpool. He also has a strong interest in state-of-the art cryonics.

Google's Antiaging company Calico will use Computational Biology and Machine Learning

Posted in Science on 25th Aug, 2016 04:21 PM
by AlexMuller
Calico will try to use machine learning to understand the complex biological processes involved in aging.

Peter Diamandis: We’ll Radically Extend Our Lives With New Technologies

Posted in Medicine on 2nd Sep, 2016 02:57 AM
by AlexMuller
Due to rapidly advancing biotechnology, he thinks human lifespan may grow dramatically this century.

First human clinical trial for nicotinamide riboside

Posted in Medicine on 13th Oct, 2016 01:58 PM
by AlexMuller
Vitamin safely boosts levels of important cell metabolite NAD+, which is critical for cellular energy production and protection against stress and DNA damage.

Fighting Aging’s Diseases: Humanity’s Biggest Investors Unite

Posted in Business on 31st Oct, 2016 11:17 PM
by AlexMuller
Unity Biotechnology has raised $116 million more to fight diseases that originate from aging.

Jeff Bezos, Mayo Clinic back anti-aging startup Unity Biotechnology for $116 million

Posted in Science on 8th Dec, 2016 12:21 PM
by AlexMuller
Unity Biotechnology is a startup focusing on medicines to help us do that by slowing the effects of age-related diseases.

Calico focused on trying to gain insight into biology of aging which has been disappointing to those who favor SENS style antiaging

Posted in Medicine on 16th Dec, 2016 08:16 AM
by AlexMuller
They hope to extend the human life span by coming up with a breakthrough.

Glia, not neurons, are most affected by brain aging

Posted in Science on 12th Jan, 2017 05:51 PM
by AlexMuller
The difference between an old brain and a young brain isn't so much the number of neurons but the presence and function of supporting cells called glia.

Towards the Transformation of Scar Tissue to Muscle in the Aged Heart

Posted in Medicine on 28th Oct, 2017 06:55 AM
by Alex Muller
The ability to transform one cell type directly into another has been demonstrated for many combinations of types in the laboratory.

Daily Leafy Greens May Slow Cognitive Decline

Posted in Medicine on 24th Dec, 2017 09:57 AM
by Alex Muller
One serving of leafy greens a day may slow brain aging by 11 years.

Can Artificial Intelligence Unlock the Mysteries of Tissue Regeneration?

Posted in Software on 7th Jan, 2018 08:55 AM
by Alex Muller
Collaboration between experienced biology companies and good AI firms will make potential breakthroughs possible.

3D Color X-Rays Now Possible Thanks To CERN Technology

Posted in Medicine on 15th Jul, 2018 03:07 AM
by Alex Muller
Have you ever wondered why we have color television, but most medical imaging is stuck using black and white? That may be about to change.

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